HR Marketing Services

At Finded awe assist companies with the digitalization of their talent attraction and recruitment strategy through a wide range of HR Marketing Services.

Talent Attraction Strategy

Before entering the market in search of talent, it's essential to analyze several variables. For us, it's crucial to conduct an analysis in which we have the ideal candidate defined, as well as a thorough analysis of the market or industry and the company's position compared to its competitors. All this study is reflected in the Talent Attraction Strategy, which provides a clear vision of the objectives and the path to follow in the process. .

Media Plan

Typically, the Media Plan is included within the Talent Attraction Strategy. However, some companies only require this service because they already have a defined strategy. The Media Plan involves analyzing and selecting the channels or websites where we will post job advertisements. Depending on the company's needs, some job portals will attract more suitable talent than others.

Negotiation with Job Sites

Currently, there are countless job portals to turn to in search of candidates. Traditionally, a company would meet its hiring needs with one or two portals, but now it's necessary to be present on several more because the audience is highly diversified. From Finded, we take care (once the media plan is in place and channels are selected) of negotiating prices and campaigns with job sites.

Campaign Management

Many of the job portals available today are powerful marketing tools that, when used correctly, will attract the right candidates. However, it's not just a matter of placing an ad and waiting for candidates. They often operate on pay-per-click models, and we must understand concepts like CPC, CPA, or CPH, and know how much to pay for them based on location or job type. This is why from Finded we manage online campaigns on job sites and optimize them to achieve the best results.

Results Assestment

Another essential service is measurement or Results Assessment. Once the entire process defined in the Talent Attraction Strategy is completed, we must review the obtained results and ensure they align with the initial objectives.

Employer Branding Strategy

While the Talent Attraction Strategy is designed for specific hiring needs and operates within a timeframe, the Employer Branding Strategy is a long-term strategy. It aims to position your company's brand as a desirable employer. Through various marketing tactics, we aim to make candidates view your company as a great place to work and develop professionally.

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